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Sonivet Promoting Fracture, Ligament and Tendon Repair

Safe healing option for fractures and soft tissue injuries in dogs and other pets
Promotes a faster return to normal activity & can help reduce re-injury rates

Uses clinically proven low intensity pulsed ultrasound to accelerate healing infresh and delayed fractures, tendons and ligaments.

Clinical benefits
Sonivet improves healing of diverse injuries to soft tissue and fractures.

• Promotes healing in fresh fractures up to 38% faster than the natural healing process.1

• Promotes healing in up to 86% of problem bone fractures that have delayed unions or non unions.2

• Promotes healing in soft tissue injuries, including ligaments and tendons.3

• The quality of repair helps to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.


*1 Heckman JD, Ryaby JP, McCabe J, Frey JJ, Kilcoyne RF, Acceleration of tibial fracture-healing by non-invasive, low-intensity pulsed ultrasound. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1994 Jan; 76 (1); 26-34.
*2 Nolte PA, van der Krans A, Patka P, Janssen IM, Ryaby JP, Albesr GH. Low-insensity pulsed ultrasound in the treatment of nonunions. J Trauma, 201 Oct;51 (4); 693-703.
*3 Takakura Y, et al. Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound enhances early healing of medical collateral ligament injuries in rats. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 2002; 21;283-288.


Sonivet is easy to use. It is applied to the site of injury once a day for just 20 minutes.


Focussed on pets needs
Sonivet is a non-invasive and pain-free option for fracture and soft tissue injuries. During treatment pets feel little or no sensation and because it is used at home, your pet can feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. It is proven safe and can still be used even if surgical implants such as metal plates are present.


How Sonivet works
• Sonivet works by emitting a specific type of ultrasound acoustic wave that causes biochemical responses in cells.

• The pressure waves are transmitted through the skin into the soft tissue or bone.

• The process dramatically changes the cellular environment and results in an influx of new cells, the formation of new blood vessels and tissue.

• The end result is an accelerated and improved healing of soft tissue and bone. Integrins cluster on the cell surface and sends signals to the nucleus.


Breaking the convention
Sonivet uses a specific type of low intensity ultrasound signal that is pulsed in short bursts. This is the only type of ultrasound product that is currently approved in the USA for healing human fracture repair.

Ultrasound has many different uses, for example, high intensity ultrasound (HIFU) is most commonly used in surgery, and medium intensity ultrasound is often used for physiotherapy treatments.

For further product information please click here.



Now available to purchase: £1750 +VAT - please call our Vi Vet Tech Gurus for overseas enquiries.

Sonivet is also available to lease at:
£220 unit +VAT for 30 days hire (UK only).

Please contact our Vi Gurus on 0845 130 9596 or email for further information.




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