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MMT (Modified Maquet Technique) is now established as an alternative to traditional TTA. It has been observed that the post-operative stability would be significantly increased if the cage had more than two screws. Additionally the machined TTA cage is not ideal for bone ingrowth.
New manufacturing techniques have made the new TTA Rapid cages technically possible. Rather than having machined slots through the cage for bone ingrowth, the TTA Rapid cage is created as a titanium honeycomb very similar in structure to cancellous bone. This construction is both very strong and very biocompatible with bone.




Veterinary Tissue Bank

Following difficulties earlier in the year importing VTS products from the USA, the issues remain unclear and unresolved. We have therefore switched over to the Veterinary Tissue Bank the U.K. company who has comparable products across the board. 







Very miniature dogs are becoming increasingly fashionable in line with cramped life-styles. Lower fore-limb fractures are common in these fine boned creatures, often resulting from jumping down from even just moderate heights. When they occur, these fractures can be very challenging to manage.

The VI range of 1.0mm T-plates has been specifically developed by us for addressing distal radial fractures in these miniature animals. The various straight plates, all of which are cuttable, will help address fractures of other small bones in these and other, slightly larger patients where implants of any greater size would be over-sized – examples being the ulna, fibula, metacarpals and metatarsals.


We are now clearing our stocks of Fixin at a very large discount. We are offering 40% discount across the range with free delivery anywhere in the world for orders over £500.








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